Why Does Smartphone Getting Slow?

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Why Does Smartphone Getting Slow?

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Why Does Smartphone Getting Slow? - Smartphone is a device that can be useful for helping us to do some computing features right on our hands. But many people complaining about their smartphone, because of those device are getting lag or slow down especially after a few months using it. Why does smartphone getting slow? There's many causes that may affect to the smartphone performance. Full of RAM capacity is the most affecting to slow down the device performance. Too many cache file, or full of (internal) memory is the other causes. Then how to restore a smartphone performance just like new one? Well, i believe there is no way to do that. But for you Android smartphone users, here i have some tips to ease your device performance, to make it a little bit smoother than before. But before i give you the tips, firstly i have to tell you a several thing that affecting your smartphone performance.

The smartphone specs

Firstly, you have to knowing about your phone specification. If your phone or smartphone have a low specs (low processor clockspeed, low RAM, low internal memory), i have to say sorry to you, because you will never experiencing a good performance from the device, especially for doing or running some heavy apps. But it will still can running smooth if you don't push it too hard.
Tips :
(*) As i said before, never use a smartphone with low specs to do some hard work for example playing a heavy games (HD game) or heavy apps.
(*) Do not installing too many apps, because it will make a full capacity of the internal storage, because it will also affecting to the smartphone performance.

Incorrect usage

As i wrote above, you have to knowing your device (smartphone) specs. Running several apps at the same time will need a hard process from the device's CPU, so a high or medium specs of CPU will require to do it. But sometimes an Android user smartphone will experiencing a slow process when running some apps even though the device has a high specs.
Tips :
(*) Don't push your smartphone too much. Smartphone with high specs doesn't mean it will have an unlimited capability. When your device is processing some apps, you have to give some "loading" time to keep your smartphone processing the apps properly.
(*) Do not switch or jump to another application too quickly, because it will need a hard process and it could causing your smartphone "stuck" or "hang" especially for low specs device.
(*) After booting or restarting your smartphone, you better do not touch any button on your smartphone for 2 or 3 minutes. Let the smartphone completing to read and load the data before you using it.

Out of memory

Don't have more space on internal storage capacity? Or your smartphone keep saying low on space? Beware, it will also affect to your smartphone's performance.
Tips :
(*) Try to move apps to SD card. Moving apps to SD card will help to ease the internal storage capacity.
(*) Delete or uninstall some apps that seems useless. It will save more space on internal memory.
(*) Download and install a cache cleaner app from Google Play, and start to delete cache files on your smartphone.
(*) If the tips above doesn't help to save more space on internal memory, try to root your Android device, then install Link2SD. That app will really helpful  to move all user apps data onto SD card. It can also can be used for delete or uninstalling bloatware (useless system apps).

Too many apps running on background

Make sure you close an apps properly after using it, or before you run another app. It's really important especially for low specs device. It will significantly help to keep your smartphone run smoothly. Too many apps running on background will drain your battery life quickly and also will increase the device temperature.
Tips :
(*) To close an app, use the "exit" menu from the app, or tap back button repeatedly till the app is closing. Do not use the Home button, because the apps will still running on the background. The Home button usually used for multitasking.
(*) Try to root your Android device, and install Gemini app manager. This apps will help to manage autorun on each app you've been installed to your device. But i'll not recommended this for new Android users.

If all the tips above is not helping, you can try to buy a new smartphone :p