Why Does Smartphone Get Hot?

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Why Does Smartphone Get Hot?

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Smartphone getting hot
Why Does Smartphone Get Hot? - Is it normal for Android smartphone to get hot? Some of my friends who using Android devices asked me those same question. Is there's something wrong with the smartphone? Well, if you asked me like that, i have to tell you that there's nothing wrong with your smartphone which is means its a normal. So why does those smartphones getting hot or even overheat? There's various causes for that problem such as too many apps is running on the background, battery or hardware problem, or maybe that cause of misuse, depending on how you use your smartphone. If you use it to do hard things such as playing games nonstop, surfing on internet or anything that makes your smartphone's display always on of course it will make your device getting hot quickly, and it will affect to the performance of the battery, causing the battery drain quicker. So, i decide to make some tips on this post to resolve or more precisely to avoid the overheat problem on smartphone.

Know what the cause is

We couldn't resolve a problem without knowing the causes right? Then the first thing you have to do is to find out what thing that may cause your smartphone getting hot. Note the following points :

  • Misuse or overuse. Overuse your smartphone for doing a hard thing such as playing game for hours, surfing on internet will make your device getting quicker than usual. Because if you play a game, it will pushing the processor and GPU to go the extra mile, and that means they're need an extra power that supplied by the battery, so that makes the battery getting hot quicker.

  • Tips : Use your smartphone "naturally". Overusing will also draining battery power quickly. By avoiding overuse, it also will help you to save battery life. For more tips about battery saving, please go to battery saving tips for Android page.

  • Heat from the outside of the device. Stuffy room conditions can also affect the excessive temperature problem on the device. That's particularly for users who live on hot climates region. Holding your device too tightly will also increasing the smartphones temperature quickly.

  • Tips : You better use your smartphone on a cooler area when you wants to playing games or browsing. Then  held your smartphone with your fingers just like this
    How to held a phone

    Do not use the palm of your hand when you held your smartphone
    How to held a phone

    Why is that so? In my opinion, if you held your smartphone to tightly specially with the palm of your hand, it may cause heat from inside the device cannot be detached perfectly because it was blocked by the palm of your hand. So give some space for your device in order to get some fresh air and release the heat, especially on the backs of the device, where the battery usually placed.

  • Network strength. Network strength also affecting the device temperature. Low network signal can also increasing the device's temperature especially if you use it for browsing or another online activity. It happens because your device will keep searching for a better signal network which is means your smartphone will (once again) go the extra mile.

  • Tips : If you wanna do an online activity, make sure that the network signal is good enough.

  • Too much apps running in the background. This is the most common among Android smartphone users.

  • Tips : Use the "back" button or exit menu on the apps to close the apps. Don't use the "Home" button (usually placed in the middle of three buttons available) to close the apps. Home button will only hiding the apps from screen, and the apps is still running on the background so it will make the device's processors keep working hard. It also will make your device a little bit lag.

  • Damage on the battery. Battery that has too long been used will usually getting damage. Battery getting bloated is the first sign of the damage on the battery.

  • Tips : replace that battery with the new one, because if you don't, it will make some damage on the smartphone itself. Always use the original battery to keep the quality.

    If the things above doesn't help you at all, i think it's better to bring your device to the service center because there maybe an error on it.

    That's all i got, hope it may helpful :D